Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon Opening Night - We are True Fans!

So the opening night of New Moon was last night!!! It was so amazing. Being true fan that we are we had to look like vampires which entailed dressing in black, baby powder on our faces, red lipstick, and dark eye makeup! We also are such true fans that we waiting outside in the freezing cold for 3 hours before the movie started just so that we could get good seats. So here are some of the pictures from the night.

All the girls aka the true Twilight and soon to be New Moon fans.

Favorite picture from the night!!!

Cat fight with the sisters!

Possible roommate Christmas card for this year???

Such a good boyfriend to go with me and all the screaming girl fans. That is love. :-)

We got quite bore while waiting so everyone thought Michael and I should try to pretend to be each other, but I couldn't stop at laughing at what he looked like with my vest on. Clearly he thinks he is good at imitating my smile and stance.

Welcome Nail Biters

I thought this was so funny I had to take a picture of it!

High School Girls Retreat

This past weekend I was able to be a leader for our High School girls retreat that was in Carlsbad. It was at a church called North Coast Calvary Chapel, the church was beautiful! It overlooked the ocean and mountains. The conference was called Unveiling. It was a really fun 24 hours conference. I got to be in a hotel room with my small group girls who are juniors in high school. They are teaching me so much! But it was also a huge blessing to be able to be with other Moms who went as leaders and just sit and talk with them and listen to their wisdom. Here are some pictures to recap the weekend.

My girls on the morning of the 2nd day. Left to right Jenna, Callie, and Hailey.

We all got henna tattoos for free! Can you guess which one is mine? (Faith Hope Love, the one on the right side)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Michael's Grandma

Here are two pictures of an amazing women... Micheal's Grandma.

I am glad that I had the chance to meet her and to spend time with her. She was such a huge inspiration to Michael.