Thursday, October 8, 2009

Roomies Roadtrip to AZ

A quick 36 hour trip our to Casa Grande, Arizona two weekends ago to see Leanna family and home. We decided to have a roomies getaway and it turned out to be a blast! Lots and lots of laughter and good times together. Here are some of the pictures from the weekend.

This first one is early in the morning (if you can't tell from our sleepy faces). We got up at 6am to leave so we could make it for the party in time.

The whole point in us going home with Lee was to surprise her niece gabby for her 6 year old birthday party. So Leanna dressed up to fool her family and Candace and I dressed up as presents!

In Arizona apparently they have these misters everywhere! They were so cool... AZ is very hot... I think it might even be hotter than Thailand! Leanna thought it was funny.

Quick Starbucks stop for energy for our ride home!

Back Seater...

Front seater....

In the car on the way back we got a little restless.

Love you roomies thanks for a great weekend getaway!! Next stop VEGAS!!!

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