Sunday, July 26, 2009

Christ In Youth Conference

This past week (Monday to Saturday) I went to CIY with my church that I intern for the High School Ministry. It was not too far away at Biola University. Our church brought around 40 high schol students. The focus of the week was kind of a reflection of Moses life and a study of his life. It truly was an amazing week. Here are some of my highlights of the week:

1. The second night about 80% of our students stood up in front our youth group to confess the sin in their life that they had been bonded to for year and commited to not letting it have a hold over thier lives.
2. One of the boys in my smal group rededicating his life to Christ.
3. On our free afternoon taking our students to The Ringling Brothers Circus (it was a surprise event)!!!
4. It was a very much needed time for me and my walk with God to just get back on track and be encouraged.
5. Hearing Michael express to me his desire to want to work with CIY someday to help them film documentaries oversea someday.
6. Realizing the idols I have in my own life and being able to set boundaries and get accountability for those things that take away from my relationship with God.

Ok those are just a few of them there are so many more things! But here are some pictures of the week too!

Monday we took the upcoming Seniors to Red Robin as a special celebration of the torch (leadership) being passed onto them this year! It was yummy!

Dress up day!

Pretty much the whole group! Can you find me?!

All the students on the bus unsure at this point what our "Surprise Outing" is going to be!!

Elephants at the Circus!

Britney, Becca, and I at the Circus!

My small group making houses out of gum and toothpicks for an activity we did the last day to give an example of the foundation we set for God abiding in us.

One the final night we were each given a envelope with a challenge in it. It was our choice if we wanted to open it or not but the speaker told us if we opened it that that would be our commitment saying we would do whatever the card said. There were a hundred different choices as to what were in each card. The point of the card was to over the next year have this card completed. I chose to open mine and here is my task! I am excited!!!

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